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Two likeable crooks find. Chris Nyst, the writer of GETTIN’ SQUARE, decided to take on the director’s role with his new screenplay. Two likeable crooks find themselves in a corner that's going to. At the Movies: Crooked Business - Crooked Business. Watch Crooked Business online. Rated MA. Crooked Business - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Crooked Business is a feature film by Chris Nyst, a successful criminal lawyer. All about Crooked Business, Crooked Business Reviews, Crooked Business Story, Cast and Crew, Video Clips and Trailers, Photos and Photo Gallery, News, Trivia. It opened in Australia on 15. Crooked Business (2008) - IMDb Sharp witted and street smart, small time hustler Elmo and his mate, Stand Up Stevie, are just trying to earn an easy buck. Download movie Crooked Business. Crooked Business. Crooked Business on Myspace The Movie Crooked Business is a fast-paced comedy of errors, set on the glitzy Gold Coast. It is a comedy of errors set in Australia's Gold Coast. Crooked Business is a fast-paced comedy of errors, set on Australia's notoriously trashy (always glitzy) Gold Coast. Life is great until Stevie gets in way. Crooked Business: Crooked Business Movie Reviews, Crooked Business. Teo Gebert and Anthony Wong are starring, alongside Firass Dirani, Kelly Atkinson. Crooked Business (2008) - Full cast and crew offers representation listings for over 120,000 individuals, including actors, directors, and producers, as well as company and employee contact details

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